Uniting for Health Innovation Participates in the World Health Assembly 69

Washington D.C. (July 7, 2016) — By the invitation of our valued new trustee, Eduardo Pisani, Uniting for Health Innovation President and CEO, Dr. Ward-Robinson, served as a panelist during a World Health Assembly 69 (WHA69) satellite-event hosted by the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA).

This event took place on the evening of May 23, 2016 and consisted of both a panel discussion titled “Zika & Ebola: How global health threats prompt innovation” and a proceeding cocktail party.

During the panel, Dr. Ward-Robinson took the stage with other distinguished leaders in public health, such as Dr. Bernadette Murgue the Project Manager at the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Laurent Kaiser a Professor of Medicine at the University of Geneva and Dr. Gaston R. Picchio the Vice President of Scientific Affairs at Janssen, in a discussion moderated by Global Health Reporter Ms. Tulip Mazumdar of BBC News.

Dr. Ward-Robinson’s dialogue addressed the impact of the Zika virus in the Americas and the critical need to invest in health systems in the region to predict, prepare and prevent health emergencies. In the absence of strong, resilient, sustainable systems, a win-lose scenario for the vulnerable populations of our region will be unavoidable.

“The Zika virus has exacerbated health challenges in the region and also created new ones,” Dr. Ward-Robinson said during the IFPMA panel, “Uniting for Health Innovation leverages private-public partnerships to create human-centered, open-access health systems that combine beliefs, investment and response to ensure large-scale impact.”

Additionally, Dr. Ward-Robinson shared the need for tactics to combat neglected-tropical diseases (NTDs) in the Americas by developing open-source models, convening the best partners and leveraging those relationships to serve as a catalyst for change in the region. 

The IFPMA event served as a platform for Dr. Ward-Robinson to amplify our Foundation’s mission, promote our impact and explain our unique partnership approach to solving complex health issues.

While in Geneva, Dr. Ward-Robinson and other Uniting for Health Innovation leadership attended a number of events including the GE Healthcare and GE Foundation VIP Evening panel discussion on healthcare system strengthening through sustainable & affordable care, the World Heart Federation’s lunch panel event that explored issues associated with CVDs, and the Global Health Security Agenda’s Roundtable on “Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda.”

For more information or inquiries about the Uniting for Health Innovation’s involvement in WHA69, please contact Julie Webb, Uniting for Health Innovation Director of Board Relations, by phone at (202)-870-0773 or via email at jwebb@ufhi.org.

For further details on the IFPMA WHA69 Panel Discussion, please visit: http://ow.ly/HjFq300uUD3.


About Uniting for Health Innovation

Improving the health and wellbeing of the people of the Americas is at the heart of Uniting for Health Innovation’s work. As an independent nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, we are committed to enabling better health and a brighter future for people across the region. Our mission is to develop programs, share insight and collaborate with experts and partners to have a profound, positive impact on seemingly intractable public health problems that threaten the health and prosperity of people in the Americas.

Photos from IFMPA's WHA69 Satellite-Event:

(IFPMA’s “Zika & Ebola: How Global Health Threats Prompt Innovation” Panel participants (from left to right) Ms. Sadia Kaenzig, Dr. Klaus Shönenberger, Dr. Laurent Kaiser, Ms. Tulip Mazumdar, Dr. Ward-Robinson, Dr. Bernadette Murgue, Dr. Gaston R. Picchio and Mr. Eduardo Pisani)

(Dr. Ward-Robinson networking with Mr. Eduardo Pisani (left), audience member (middle) and Dr. Gaston R. Picchio (right) during the evening cocktail party)

(Dr. Ward-Robinson networking with a fellow panelist Dr. Laurent Kaiser during the evening cocktail party)