Our Conceptual Framework©

How We Work: A New Paradigm for Public Health

Uniting for Health Innovation Conceptual Framework


Uniting for Health Innovation’s approach asserts that optimum public health exists within the interactions of complex systems that create conditions conducive to healthy and productive lives. Our framework highlights the existence of these systems and the intractability of challenges within sectors ranging from family and community practices, culture, nutrition, and the environment to policies and responsive capacities. Each sector contributes to the complexity and challenges that constrain the development of effective and sustainable solutions.

The Foundation calls for recognition of the existence of these influences and recommends responses that are top-down and bottom-up and across sectors, guided by a life-course lens. Known for our convening capacity, the Foundation mobilizes thought leaders across all sectors to catalyze strategic partnerships committed to innovation, integrated approaches, and investment for sustainable impacts that will generate multiple benefits across sectors and throughout lifetimes.