PAHO Foundations Holds FTAG and Board of Trustees Meetings

Atlanta, GA (January 25, 2017) – Uniting for Health Innovation’s Technical Advisory Group (FTAG) and Board of Trustees convened in Atlanta, GA January 20-21 2017 to assess last year’s accomplishments and the Foundation’s 2017 plan of action and budget.

FTAG members met Friday to review 2016 programs, as well as new and continuing initiatives, that include the Women’s Cancer Initiative with IFPMA; antimicrobial resistance (AMR) with Merck, IFPMA, and AMIIF; and Zika with Pfizer Foundation and Clorox.

FTAG members collaborated to refine Uniting for Health Innovation’s role in the public health marketplace and its action to impact framework. In concluding, FTAG members proposed the possibility of new working groups that better align with the Foundation’s current focus areas, which include Communicable Diseases (to include Neglected Tropical Diseases - NTDs), Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), and Health Systems. 

Later that evening, the Foundation held its Partnership Engagement VIP Dinner, bringing together leaders in business and public health, to discuss partnership opportunities. During the event, the Honorable Dr. Patricia Garcia, Minister of Health, Peru and the night's featured speaker was bestowed the 2017 Recognition of Service Award for her ongoing contributions to Uniting for Health Innovation and its FTAG.

During Saturday’s Board of Trustees meeting, in addition to other priorities discussed, the Board approved new operational systems that will improve the Foundation’s ability to provide support to communities in need.

The meeting confirmed Uniting for Health Innovation’s 2017 Board of Trustees slate of officers, which are Victoria Jones, Vice President of Global Government Affairs and Community Relations, The Clorox Company as Chair; Dr. Esteban Lopez, Regional President, San Antonio and Southwest Texas at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) as Vice Chair; Mariano Legaz, Chief Procurement Officer, Sprint as Treasurer; and Veronica Edwards, President and CEO, InGenesis as Secretary.

Uniting for Health Innovation extends sincere appreciation to its Board of Trustees, FTAG members, and Friday’s Partnership Engagement VIP Dinner special guests for their participation and support in making this past week’s festivities a momentous success.

See below for photos from Friday’s FTAG meeting. Photos from Friday’s Partnership Engagement VIP Dinner can be found here.

Uniting for Health Innovation and FTAG gather before the meeting starts

FTAG meeting starts, and Co-Chairs Drs. Tim Ford and Alafia Samuels welcome members

Uniting for Health Innovation leadership and FTAG members approve last meeting's minutes before the President's Welcome

Dr. Jennie Ward-Robinson, Uniting for Health Innovation President and CEO, introduces Dr. Linda Cleboski, new Vice President, Science, Programs and Technology and summarizes last year's accomplishments

Dr. Linda Cleboski, Uniting for Health Innovation Vice President, Science, Programs and Technology. reports on ongoing programs and new initiatives

Another photo of Dr. Linda Cleboski, Uniting for Health Innovation Vice President, Science, Programs and Technology, during her presentation

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