• 02 May 2014
    PAHO Foundation Globe

    Launch of New Name

    Today is an exciting day. The organization that you've known for 45+ years has a new look, a new energy, a new logo and a new name!

    Welcome to "PAHO Foundation", the philanthropic partner of the Pan American Health Organization, known previously as the Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF).

    Today we are evermore focused on helping the Pan American Health Organization mobilize resources for improving health in the Americas.

    Individuals and the private sector have always been generous in supporting public health and our organization. Now you will have an even better reason to invest in the Americas region! You can help us spread the word about our new mission and join us in creating a culture of contagious generosity.

  • 07 Jan 2014
    PAHO Foundation Globe

    PAHO and PAHEF Posthumously Award Distinguished Professor from Brazil

    WASHINGTON, DC (September 30, 2013) – José Lima Pedreira de Freitas, MD, MPH of Brazil, was posthumously honored today as a recipient of the 2013 Sérgio Arouca Award for Excellence in Universal Health Care, for his key position in developing public health in Brazil.  Presented by the Pan American Health Organization and the Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF), the award recognizes Dr. Pedreira de Freitas’ impact on young health professionals and programs affecting social and community medicine.

  • 20 Dec 2013
    PAHO Foundation Globe

    New Vice Chair Elected

    WASHINGTON, DC (December 20, 2013) – The Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF) is pleased to announce the appointment of Harold Hamana  as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors.  A public charity, PAHEF works with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and other constituents to leverage its international influence, helping improve community and global health and combating disease in the Americas.  PAHEF welcomes Hamana to this role and eagerly anticipates the leadership he will bring to achieving PAHEF’s mission.  In addition to serving on the Executive Committee, he will also participate on the Philanthropy and Partnership Committee and Marketing and Communications Committee.

  • 12 Nov 2013
    PAHO Foundation Globe

    Dr. James Steele: Farewell to a leader

    The Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF) and the Pan American Health Organization remember with great sadness the passing of Dr. James Steele, on November 10, 2013. Dr. James Steele was awarded the prestigious Abraham Horwitz Award for Excellence in Leadership in Inter-American Public Health in 2006 for his outstanding contributions to veterinary public health.

    We extend our condolences to his family and friends.


  • 06 May 2013
    PAHO Foundation Globe

    PACO III: Training Capacity and The Obesity Epidemic

    PAHEF held special workshop addressing the obesity epidemic in the Americas during PACO III, the Third Pan American Conference on Obesity next month.

    Current and former PAHEF Board Members, Professors Gilberto Kac (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Rafael Pérez-Escamilla (Yale) and Fernando Mendoza (Stanford) will each be leading a session during the workshop.

    PAHEF received a preview of what to expect from each of the workshop organizers:

  • 14 Jun 2012

    PAHEF Activities on Biosimilar Products and the Medical Realities in Latin America

    There is a long history of adapting nature to fulfill the needs of the population by altering natural products and the environment. Biotechnology began once humans discovered the benefits of modifying living organisms, be it for agricultural, cooking, or medicinal uses. Rudimentary forms of biotechnology evolved into newer, more complex methodologies in the modification of nature. With a higher level of understanding biology and increasingly complex technology, manipulation of living organisms to increase agricultural output, reduce our impact on the environment, and prevent and combat diseases has become possible. [1]

  • 01 Dec 2011
    PAHO Foundation Globe

    Support of HAI control and prevention efforts

    Studying the socio-economic costs of dengue fever

    Individuals living in or travelling through the tropical and subtropical areas of the Americas are at risk of being bitten by mosquitos carrying any one of four related dengue viruses. A resultant infection might show itself as a mild fever or, if unrecognized and untreated, might present more severe and potentially lethal complications. (53 words)

    Dengue: Global, urban and potentially lethal

    The dengue virus is a leading cause of illness and death in the tropics and subtropics. As many as 400 million people are infected yearly.

  • 25 Oct 2011
    PAHO Foundation Globe

    Dr. Francisca Samsing

    WASHINGTON, DC (September 27, 2011) – Last night, Dr. Francisca Samsing was jointly presented the Pedro N. Acha Award for Excellence in Veterinary Public Health by the Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF) and Pan American Health Organization. The award, which was presented by Dr. Benjamin Caballero, chair of the PAHEF board of directors, and Dr. Mirta Roses Periago, Pan American Health Organization Director, at a special event in Washington, DC, recognized her undergraduate thesis, Risk analysis of the dioxin, furan and DL-PCB contamination of pork meat by the feed materials that make up their diet.

  • 06 Apr 2011
    PAHO Foundation Globe

    PAHEF Celebrates World Health Day

    On April 7, PAHEF participated in the Pan American Health Organization’s celebration of World Health Day in Washington, DC. The 2011 theme was “Combat Drug Resistance: No action today, No cure tomorrow,” which highlighted the world-wide problem of antimicrobial resistance to medications.

    Regarding the theme, Edward L. Kadunc, president of PAHEF, remarked, “Drug-resistance claims patients’ lives and places an immense burden on health care systems. As part of PAHEF’s commitment to improving health and health education in the Americas, we fully support efforts to raise awareness of and find solutions to this serious medical issue.”


  • 04 Mar 2011
    PAHO Foundation Globe

    Biotechnology: A key to improving the quality of life for patients with renal failure

    According to the Mexican Kidney Foundation, more than 100,000 people suffer from chronic renal failure in Mexico and 8.3 million have mild renal insufficiency. About 37,642 people require ongoing dialysis treatment. The National Transplant Center estimates that 5,000 transplants are needed annually and reported that in 2006, a total of 2,800 were performed. Thanks to biotechnological medications, such as erythropoietin, patients with kidney problems may have a better quality of life.