Women's Health Is Public Health

Partner with Uniting for Health Innovation to Advance Women's Health

#WomensHealthIsPublicHealth Campaign

Uniting for Health Innovation has invited members of its team and the public to engage in videos and share photos in our #WomensHealthIsPublicHealth shirts, raising awareness on the organization's important work advancing women's health as well as showcasing the value of women's health in maintaining healthy communities and economies. Watch the other videos by visiting the UfHI's YouTube channel.

You can support the Foundation's efforts to raise $100,000 to advance women's health and wellness throughout the Americas by clicking on the buttons below to either donate toward the campaign or to learn more about partnership opportunities!

Why Women’s Health

Women are key in maintaining healthy families and a litmus test for the economic strength of communities. Across her lifespan, a woman’s health status matters to herself, her family, and to her community. While life expectancy is higher for women than men in most countries, a number of health and social factors combine to create a lower quality of life for women. Unequal access to information, care, and basic health practices increases the health risks for women, as do chronic health problems, higher rates of disability, and lower incomes. A woman’s wellness is directly tied to her ability to engage in economically productive activities―more income and financial independence to increase household spending on nutrition, health, and education, leading to stability and growth.

How UfHI Aims to Enrich Women’s Health in LAC

Primary attention given to challenges impacting women’s health and wellness can provide a foundation for interventions and integrated solutions across multiple sectors and create progress towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

UfHI has a vision for this solution!

We are thrilled to collaborate with fantastic partners on an initiative strengthening women’s health and wellness. Over the next several months, we will invite other partners and stakeholders, from both the private and public sectors, to join us in moving beyond conversations to eliminate barriers to women’s health and wellness. We will share tools and catalyze action to achieve communities where women and families can live long, healthy, dignified, and productive lives. 

In addition to this campaign, UfHI has worked to improve women's health through the promotion of maternity waiting homes in Guatemala and the innovation of women's cancer prevention and control systems in LAC, among other programs which you can read more on by visiting our initiatives page. For information on how to partner with UfHI on our women's health campaign, please contact our Development Department at development@ufhi.org.