UfHI Goes into The Sunset Leaving with a Legacy of 50 Years of Service to The Americas!

Uniting for Health Innovation (UfHI), has served individuals, families, communities and nations across Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada and the United States for 50 years.   Through valued partnerships we developed integrated solutions that reflect the dynamic, complex nature of the public health landscape. 

Your generous support over the years allowed us to raise awareness and resources for addressing the Region’s most urgent health threats, while directly addressing communicable and non-communicable diseases, such as AMR, Zika, diabetes and women’s health. The impact has been tremendous! Lives have been improved significantly.  And the way has been paved for others to build on what UfHI started and advanced.

So, it is with sadness, but also with pride in UfHI’s accomplishments, that we inform you of the organization’s decision to dissolve.

Thank you for your support of the organization’s Mission over the years. It has been a tremendous honor to serve the people of the Region.

For information, please call 770-753-6402